Jim Rippel | President and Financial Planner | Rocket Wealth

Jim Rippel


Jim comes to the Financial Solutions Texas leadership team with an MBA, and over 35 years of serving in the financial arena. Jim has worked in the private, commercial, and educational sectors as a University Professor of Financial Planning. Jim has mastered not only the ability to design and implement powerful creative solutions to help clients build and protect their wealth; but as a natural mentor and teacher, he is able to break down the most complex strategies into easy-to-understand action steps.

His mission and life’s work has been to empower students and clients with the knowledge and tools to enable them to make effective decisions and build generational wealth. As an avid student and researcher, Jim is able to utilize the most current, and little-known techniques, to create powerful solutions and options for his clients.

As any good mentor does, Jim takes you by the hand and makes sure that you are not only completely structured and protected but that you understand how and why.