Did you know you can turn business expenses into Assets?

Revenue minus Expenses equals Profit. What if you could invest the money allocated to expenses before you spent it on your expenses? Sounds impossible…yet this is exactly what Banks have been doing for centuries.

Banks routinely take depositor's money (expense) and lend it to borrowers at a higher rate. The difference between what they pay and what they get is the profit. Banks don't produce goods or services. They simply use the arbitrage strategy to make money using the banking system. Of course, it would be impossible for bank to do this without borrowing money from the Federal Bank to satisfy the Depositor's demand.

Our strategy works just like the bank.

We show businesses, how they too can make money by using the same banking arbitrage strategy for their routine business expenses. Business will go on with or without using this strategy, but the difference is you can retire with tax-free income that will last a lifetime, in addition to your business.

During the passage of the CARES ACT, congress made changes to the IRS codes 7702 and 101a, which allows savvy investors to shelter 3X the money from the taxes. Our strategy combines the advantage of IRS codes and the financial leverage to give you 3X the results.


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