Boost your Employees Checks at No cost to you.

We are helping companies retain employees by offering extra $$ in their paycheck. Most CPA's are not aware of this little known IRS provision that allows employers to offer a boost in employees salary via a tax relief program to all participating employees.

In addition, Employers save money on matching FICA taxes and gain on average $525 per employee.

It's a win-win for everyone!

Every participating Employee can receive up to $140/month towards Healthcare spending, without contribution. Funding comes from ERISA compliant program

Health Savings VISA Card

Employees can opt to receive up to $140 per month in Health Visa card to help pay for OUT-OF-POCKET expenses, such as Co-Pay, Deductibles, prescriptions, Dental, vision and much more...

We have helped 100's of Employers with these benefits. Large companies have been taking advantage of these benefits for Decades. Now we are making it available to small businesses.