Discover hidden treasure in your organization.

There is a hidden resource hiding within every organization. And it's one that can help any leader—CEO, President, CFO—overcome the primary challenge with which they are tasked: increase earnings. For most of the clients we've worked with, the focus in rising to this challenge is often revenue centric. If you want to impact earnings, you increase sales. But it isn't the only way leaders can boost earnings.

When is the last time you took a close look at your organization's most important asset - Employees? Typically, they are left to be managed by HR, and many companies treat this like a sunk cost. That's a big slice of the pie to take for granted. If your company could leverage what employees are worth, aren't you obligated to figure how to do it and then make it happen?


Why does this resource go untapped?

It's tough. We get it because we've seen it over and over. It is hard to imagine. You have seen proposals before where leveraged insurance was proposed to employees that can create a cash value someday, but the costs were still too high and tying up cash resources for long term did not make good sense.


Find the money!

We have joined with a firm that is willing to lend 100% of the cost of cash value life insurance for all their employees (up to 5X salary), based on Death Benefit as a collateral. There is no financial commitment required by the Employer. The firm expects to recoup their investment along with interest earned in approximately 10 years. Once the investment is recovered, the firm will release the lien on the cash value portion of the insurance contract. The remaining growing cash value remains with the company along with the total death benefit.

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